Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby piggy

Are you a piggy freak?

Once I was a piggy freak, and that was just a while. Now, I'm a bunny freak! You'll know how crazy I'm into bunnies if you drop by my personal blog. Sometimes I wonder, why do girls love piggy? Pigs are lazy and fat aren't them? Well, maybe those 'artificial' pigs are just opposite with the real pigs.

Is this baby pinkie piggy cute?

Look at its sleepy eyes~ Are they really that lazy?

Oww, sleeping on my mobile phone after I bathed her.

I bought this little thing long time ago, I think three years ago!
Bought her in Kuching.

*Cute Baby Piggy*

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lovely couple

Cute couple keychains!

Couples love to use couple keychains to show they're couple! Sometimes, having a pair of couple keychain can also show how sweet are the couples. I had match a pair of couple keychain my own! Although I know they're not couple, and also they had zodiac sign on their stomach. But I don't mind about it, they're too cute! Maybe you saw this before at Milky Cherry, but I still wanna share it here~

Aren't they cute!? They're too cute and adorable~

I bought this at Taiwan.
The blue one belongs to me, and the pink one belongs to Cheese (my hubby).

*Cute Couple Keychains*


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Cherry-mix is back!

Cherry-mix is coming back~

Just found out I didn't update Cherry-mix for ages! But this doesn't mean that I had stopped my blogging for that long, I do update my main blog, my personal blog - Milky Cherry. Actually, I almost going to give up on this blog. Every time I drop by Cherry-mix, I'll feel very sad. Because once I love this blog so much!

I still love Chery-mix a lot. So, I can't give up on this cute blog that I had created. I must continue to update it! So, stay tune for more updates! Now, I'm having bunnies fever! So you may see more updates about bunnies!



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Monday, January 14, 2008

Kuma-kuma Slippers

Do you wear slippers at home?

Slippers that I mentioned is like 'furry' one? For examples Koalas Slippers. I usually only wear them when I'm sitting in front of the computer with my air conditioner on. Here are two pairs of cute comfortable slippers. Just wanna share with you again, because they're Kuma-kumas!

Boy Kuma-kuma and girl Kuma-kuma slippers!

Four legs beside the boy Kuma-kuma slippers, how cute~

Boy Kuma-kuma slippers belongs to me.

Girl Kuma-kuma slippers belongs to Apple.

Both of them were bought in my hometown - Kuching, Sarawak.

*Cute Kuma-kuma slippers*

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cute furry bags

What kind of bag will you use?

For me, I usually use cute bags which I can put my mobile phone and my purse inside. How about you? Do you like to buy branded and expensive bag? For teenagers like me, I think cute bags are still suitable for us. They are cheap too! We can afford!

This is one of my favorite cute bag.

They are quite furry, so I called it furry bags. They are like Barbie dolls hand bag! I mean the design and the style~

This is the back view of the back. They just so simple and cute.

Are they came from one set? Haha, they're not. The little bags I guess you had read about them from my previous post.

The pink set is belongs to APPLE, and the blue set belongs to Cherry, me!

They are cheap! One for RM 7.90!

I bought this cute furry bag in hometown - Kuching, Sarawak. Bought them from Cindy (girls' accessories shop).

*Cute Furry Bags*


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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Little Bags

Do you have little bags to put all your coins?

Do you get annoyed when you got many coins yet you don't know where to put? Some purse may have a pocket to store coins some may not have one! For me, my purse don't have that pocket for me to store coins. So I bought many little bags for me to store coins.

Pink tomato coin bag, which belongs to my sister - APPLE.

Blue tomato coin bag belongs to Cherry, thats ME.

Kitty coin bag, I'm currently using this.

This is my favourite one, teddy bear coin bag.

They're cute and useful~

Tomato coins bags were bought in my hometown - Kuching, Sarawak.
Kitty bag, I bought it via order.
Teddy bear bag was my birthday present from my auntie.

*Cute bags*


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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Koala Slippers

Once again, here are something about koala bear.

Koala slippers which are very comfortable and keep you warm.

Bigger one and a smaller one.

Aren't they cute?

Smaller one belongs to Cherry, thats ME and bigger one belongs to my sister - APPLE.
My mom bought it in Australia with the koala clothes hangers.

*Cute koala slippers*


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